What's your Style

  • Rococo


    A French 18th century style with an opulent and rich look that can lift any interior into a more expensive league.
  • Classic


    A simple ageless style. It is a formal, refined and restrained style that will sit with most other styles effortlessly.
  • Art Deco


    This decorative style of the 1920’s and 30’s with bold delineated geometric shapes and strong use of colours.
  • Shabby Chic


    Heavily painted through the years with many layers showing through with obvious time-worn areas give a soft cottage look.
  • Modern


    With either deep generous surround or a thin metal frame, excellent for playrooms as they tend to be sturdier than the ornate antique frames.

Frame Revival

Our frames are selected for their beauty and proportions then carefully restored without affecting their integrity.

Each frame is unique and individual. Our frames have all had a past and are antiques or old pieces. They are all old girls that have their own history and as such they show signs of general wear and tear in line with their age. We think that this adds to their charm. We then ‘revive’ them and give them a new lease of life for you to use and enjoy. During each frames revival, and in celebration of our frames uniqueness and individuality, we have given each one it’s own name.

These are not mass produced items, no two are the same, and once they have been sold there are no replica replacements. You will own your own unique piece; a complete one off.


We are happy to ‘revive’ a unique piece to your details. We will try our best to accommodate any requests for making a bespoke piece and can use customers own fabrics for our pinboards and paint frames in custom selected paint to tie together an existing room scheme. Please contact us below for more information.

  • Pinboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames we have also made a selection of beautiful pinboards. These are covered in our strong linen mix fabric and underlined in tough calico on top of foam. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight hessian and have brass fixings and picture wire. Please enquire about bespoke fabrics.

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  • Mirrors

    We have a selection of beautiful and unique mirrors of various sizes and shapes. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight Hessian and have brass fixings and wire.

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  • Magnetic Chalkboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames our magnetic chalkboards are perfect to help organise busy lives as they have three facets: a complete magnetic board, a chalkboard for standard chalk and also for the use of liquid chalk for fine & detailed writing. We use the highest grade of chalkboard vinyl that we could find, it is scratch resistant and easy to clean because of it’s resistance against solvents and dirt. Guaranteed not to leave any ghost marks or residues behind even after using liquid chalk time after time making it ideal to use for frequently changing situations such as a kitchen or playroom chalkboard. 

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