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Trained as an interior designer I have spent over 18 years working in London design consultancies, predominantly commercial retail design, working on many of the high street brands and smaller independents before setting up my own successful design consultancy. Following the arrival of a very poorly second child it became clear that I couldn't work effectively full time on my clients projects and dedicate the time and care needed at home, so I scaled down my work and concentrated on my home life.

The need to try and organise my life with three young children & volumes of paperwork from schools, hospital appointments etc, in which I daily lost my shopping lists, started me on a quest to find a magnetic chalkboard. As an avid list maker the combination of finally having paperwork stuck amongst my ever-changing lists was an obvious solution. However I soon found that I was unable to find a magnetic chalkboard that actually worked or looked nice, to the interior designer in me at least. Not one to give up I managed to cobble together my first prototype and found that many of my friends loved it so much that it spurred me on to develop the concept into a business and get creative again.

Bored of mass produced products that give homes a uniformed look I wanted our frames to suit their surroundings unequivocally. The notion that someone can chose a frame to suit their home, space or décor without anyone else having the same piece really appeals to me. Our frames are 'one offs'. They are high end statement pieces and we have used the highest quality materials we could find. They are 'revived' in our studio in Oving, Buckinghamshire, using many local suppliers.

I love breathing new life into old pieces of furniture, and creating something that is not only unique & beautiful but useful too is a joy.

We hope you enjoy your frame and thank you very much for the part you have played in her revival!

Sarah Westacott

  • Pinboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames we have also made a selection of beautiful pinboards. These are covered in our strong linen mix fabric and underlined in tough calico on top of foam. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight hessian and have brass fixings and picture wire. Please enquire about bespoke fabrics.

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  • Mirrors

    We have a selection of beautiful and unique mirrors of various sizes and shapes. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight Hessian and have brass fixings and wire.

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  • Magnetic Chalkboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames our magnetic chalkboards are perfect to help organise busy lives as they have three facets: a complete magnetic board, a chalkboard for standard chalk and also for the use of liquid chalk for fine & detailed writing. We use the highest grade of chalkboard vinyl that we could find, it is scratch resistant and easy to clean because of it’s resistance against solvents and dirt. Guaranteed not to leave any ghost marks or residues behind even after using liquid chalk time after time making it ideal to use for frequently changing situations such as a kitchen or playroom chalkboard. 

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