Rococo is a style of French design that originated in the mid 18th Century. It was the last part of the baroque movement and is characterised by rich decoration, deep swirls, scrolls and motifs. These frames have an opulent and rich look to them that can lift any interior into a more expensive league. 




£ 210.00

Beautiful swept gilt frame, in fantastic condition, with a cream starched linen inlay that gives a more updated and contemporary feel. This is a unique frame.

As with all our frames we have finished off the back of the frame in our heavy weight hessian complete with brass fixtures & wire.

Overall Dims 450mm x 520mm, Internal Dims of chalkboard only 290mm x 370mm

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£ 250.00

Stunningly beautiful old gilt frame of an impressive size that will allow for lots of lists & really help organise life, even for the largest of families. Rowena is a show stopper with sweeping gentle curved scrolls in a pale gold. A starched white linen inlay around the inner recess of the frame gives a more contemporary feel while still maintaining the glamour and allure of an old gilt masterpiece.The back of the frame has been finished off in our heavy weight hessian with brass fixings & wire. We have used a high grade chalkboard vinyl that allows both standard chalk and liquid chalk pens to be used on her.

This is a unique frame and is FULLY magnetic.

Overall Dims 630mm x 900mm, Internal Dims of chalkboard only 500mm x 750mm

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£ 80.00

A beautiful classic mirror with very carved sweeping plaster surround in the victorian style which has been painted gold. This is a truly romantic mirror, a 'mirror mirror on the wall' style of mirror. The rear of the mirror has been finished off with our heavy weight hessian. It is a unique item.

Overall Dims 430mm x 640mm

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£ 175.00

A stunning very old swept frame that has been carefully handpainted in burnt orange, crackle finished & lightly distressed to give a truely beautiful depth. This is a unique piece for someone with personality. It is an eyecatching statement piece that will add individuallity to any interior. This frame has been finished to the back with our heavy weight hessian & completed with brass fittings & wire. It is a one off item.


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£ 120.00

An old gilt frame with intricate scrolling relief

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  • Pinboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames we have also made a selection of beautiful pinboards. These are covered in our strong linen mix fabric and underlined in tough calico on top of foam. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight hessian and have brass fixings and picture wire. Please enquire about bespoke fabrics.

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  • Mirrors

    We have a selection of beautiful and unique mirrors of various sizes and shapes. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight Hessian and have brass fixings and wire.

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  • Magnetic Chalkboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames our magnetic chalkboards are perfect to help organise busy lives as they have three facets: a complete magnetic board, a chalkboard for standard chalk and also for the use of liquid chalk for fine & detailed writing. We use the highest grade of chalkboard vinyl that we could find, it is scratch resistant and easy to clean because of it’s resistance against solvents and dirt. Guaranteed not to leave any ghost marks or residues behind even after using liquid chalk time after time making it ideal to use for frequently changing situations such as a kitchen or playroom chalkboard. 

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