Revised and Revisited

This is a collection of some of our lucky ladies who now adorn the walls of your homes.
We have included these not only because we're very proud of them for passing your vetting proceedure and making the grade to be hung in your interior but also because they are a great point of reference.
If you are looking for a particular style or finish of frame and can't find anything in our current collect of frames please use these as a reference point and we will do our best to find you your own unique frame.



Small magnetic chalkboard painted in our old cream and carefully crackle finished to give a wonderful aged effect





A gorgeous swept gilt frame with perfect proportions that would suit any room. This frame has been 'revived' by hand into a magnetic chalkboard using the highest grade chalkboard vinyl so that standard chalk and liquid chalk pens can be used. As with all our frames Annie has been backed in our heavy weight hessian and is finished off with brass fixings and picture wire.This is a unique piece, a 'one- off' chalkboard.

Overall Frame is 590 x 690 with a frame depth of 50mm


A big white beauty! This is a wonderful swept frame with studded inner detailing and simple sweeping curves that has been given a contemporary look by being painted white. This would be a fantastic frame for any playroom or large kitchen. This magnetic chalkboard is a completely one off, a unique frame. We have used the highest quality chalkboard vinyl allowing you to use standard chalk and waterbased liquid chalk pens for fine detailed writing. As with all our frames she is backed in our heavy weight hessian and finished with brass picture wire and fixings. 


A classically beautifu and simple frame with beautiful barley twisting detail to the outside edge. This frame has been carefully painted in our beautiful cream which will sit along side any other colour. It is an ideal size for any kitchen or playroom as it is generous enough for you to keep all your paperwork along side all those endlessly changing lists.

680 x 540 including frame (600 x 465 internal chalkboard area only)


A stunningly beautiful and very old swept gilt frame with sweeping scrolls creating a very much sought after look. She is a perfect size for a small space. She has been carefully 'revived' into a chalkboard using our high grade chalkboard vinyl. Standard chalk & liquid water based chalk pens can be used on Edith. She is completely magnetic.

The rear of the frame is finished off in our heavy weight hessian & completed with brass fixings & wire. This is a unique frame a 'one off.'


A simple 40mm deep hardwood frame, possibly elm, in an unfussy style with a 25mm inner frame handpainted Farrow & Ball 'Pointing'. This frame has been 'revived' into a dry wipe board, for the use of wipe board pens, with a burlap inlay under glass and a 200mm long brown leather hanging strap. It has a rustic yet contemporary feel to it.This is aunique piece, a 'one off'.

As with all our frames it hasbeen backed in our heavy weight hessian.

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  • Pinboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames we have also made a selection of beautiful pinboards. These are covered in our strong linen mix fabric and underlined in tough calico on top of foam. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight hessian and have brass fixings and picture wire. Please enquire about bespoke fabrics.

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  • Mirrors

    We have a selection of beautiful and unique mirrors of various sizes and shapes. We have restored these carefully and as with all our other frames they are backed in our heavy weight Hessian and have brass fixings and wire.

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  • Magnetic Chalkboards

    Using our unique old and antique frames our magnetic chalkboards are perfect to help organise busy lives as they have three facets: a complete magnetic board, a chalkboard for standard chalk and also for the use of liquid chalk for fine & detailed writing. We use the highest grade of chalkboard vinyl that we could find, it is scratch resistant and easy to clean because of it’s resistance against solvents and dirt. Guaranteed not to leave any ghost marks or residues behind even after using liquid chalk time after time making it ideal to use for frequently changing situations such as a kitchen or playroom chalkboard. 

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